We introduce and sell great products from overseas in Japan.
We can help you introduce your great products to people.

Bringing smiles to people's faces with great products!

About Us

We make people smile by introducing and selling attractive, innovative products from all over the world in the Japanese market.

Let us work together and succeed by selling ​​your amazing products in Japan.

Our Services

We localize, promote, crowdfund, and retails your product in Japan with a distributorship agreement using the following methods.


We will use crowdfunding as test marketing and connect it to e-commerce and B2B sales.

We can also expect exposure in magazines, media, etc.

Own online store

Sales through our own online store.

Our company is a mail order site specializing in outdoor equipment, general merchandise, and apparel.

Electric Commerce

We promote and sell products at our own online shop as well as  Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, Yodobashi Camera, etc.

B2B Sales

We will promote your product to B2B retailers to increase sales.

This is a great opportunity to expand sales.


Why crowdfunding?

There is a reason why we first use crowdfunding to introduce our products.

More and more consumers, media, buyers, etc. are paying attention to the Japanese crowdfunding as a gateway to e-commerce and B2B.

We regard crowdfunding important as it will have a significant impact on the subsequent success of sales in the Japanese market.

In The Crowdfunding Business

Results and Examples

Our team has had a lot of success on crowdfunding.

Here are the projects we have done recently.

Our Team

Takato Nakamura
CEO of Forest Field
Kazuma Hayashi

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